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‘Out A Road’ Crabby to host seafood fiesta

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‘Out A Road’ Crabby to host seafood fiesta

Along the Hellshire main road, Jermaine Morris has created a street-side eating venue. There the menu stimulates all your senses, and the main ingredient is crabs. The crab farmer and chef, more popularly known as ‘Crabby, Out A Road’, or ‘Indian’, by a smaller circle of persons, travels from Trelawny to St Catherine every Saturday to set up shop.

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“It has been worth every dollar, and the time it takes to drive from my parish to Portmore is like nothing to me these days,” the Out A Road Crabby boss told Food .

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As Morris packs takeaway bags, he does not forget to place flyers for the upcoming Portmore City Crab Fiesta, which he has curated with the help of SunCity 104.9 FM, into the hands of his customers. It is an event he is most proud to say he is bringing to the community, and is slated for this Saturday, June 25, at Green Area Portmore Mall.

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Morris says it is a “celebration of crab – like no other,” and that the stomachs of seafood lovers will also be satisfied.

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A carefully crafted menu and incomparable service finds residents from around the Hellshire, Braeton, Greater Portmore communities and Kingston lining up for the first bite. Morris not only knows how to run a farm, he knows how to ‘run a boat’, and does so with a wide knowledge of seasonings and spices. It’s not just the boil of ‘Moonshine’ crabs (the larger, bright yellowish-orange male crabs) that has mouths watering; the barbecued and curried crab and seafood soup are sure sellers

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