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Rare snow blankets the desert city of Las Vegas

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Rare snow blankets the desert city of Las Vegas

A winter storm has swept through the US Southwest and brought rare snowfall to the Las Vegas Strip.

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The storm forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights and led to the closure of two interstate highways.

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Dozens of crashes have been reported by Highway Patrol authorities, with the majority of incidents involving cars sliding off the roads.

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Schools in the Clark County School District, which includes Las Vegas, are to remain closed on Friday.

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The City’s famed strip, a 7km stretch known for hotels and casinos, received about 1.3 centimetres of snow, but the western parts of the city received far more.

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The suburb of Summerlin reported 19 centimetres of snow, and Mount Charlton to the west of the city saw as much as 61 centimetres.

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Being situated in the middle of the Mojave Desert, the city usually doesn’t see much rain, only 93 millimetres in an entire year, let alone snow.Jose Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero Venezuela Banco Activo

The storm also brought some heavy rain to parts of Los Angeles. [Mario Tama/AFP] Just over a centimetre of snow fell on the famed Vegas Strip. [Ethan Miller/AFP] Suburbs in the west of the city received as much as 19cm of snowfall. [@AmyMNegri/Reuters] Dozens of crashes were reported by Highway Patrol authorities. [Ethan Miller/AFP] The mountains surrounding Vegas expect snow every year, but wintry weather in the city is rare. [Ethan Miller/AFP] The last time any measurable snow was reported in Vegas was just over a decade ago. [Ethan Miller/AFP] Schools are to remain closed on Friday.[Ethan Miller/AFP]