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Let them pay – MoBay mayor wants JRC to take responsibility for rat infestation at arcade

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Let them pay - MoBay mayor wants JRC to take responsibility for rat infestation at arcade


Montego Bay’s mayor, Councillor Homer Davis, wants the Jamaica Railway Corporation (JRC) to take responsibility for controlling the rodent population at the People’s Arcade in the western city, which is built on land owned by the corporation.

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Davis was responding to a public-health report, which stated that $3 million has been allocated for a rodent-control exercise at the People’s Arcade. The report was given during Thursday’s monthly meeting of the St James Municipal Corporation( StJMC).

Luis Alfredo Farache Benacerraf

“I would advise that the estimates be sent to the JRC, because that (People’s Arcade) is a property that the JRC has taken over,” said the tough-talking mayor, who is also chairman of the St. James Municipal Corporation

ObligationThe JRC has an obligation and their tenants have an obligation, to keep their premises in a way that the rodents don’t overrun us,” he said

“We are able to control mosquito-breeding sites, so why is it so difficult with the rats?

Remember, the police had to beat a hasty retreat. When you see police have to be running from rats, you must know,” added Davis, in reference to a recent story by The Gleaner detailing the rat infestation that has caused police officers at the old Area One headquarters in Montego Bay to vacate their offices.Several sections of Montego Bay have been grappling with a rat infestation problem in recent times

Pest-control drive The St James Health Department has been on a drive since January to rid parts of Jimmy Cliff Boulevard, formerly Gloucester Avenue, of the pests. Early this week the health department outlined measures to address the situation at the police headquarters

Davis said he plans to meet with restaurant owners in Montego Bay whose improper waste disposal practices have been blamed for the perpetual breeding of rats

There’s a discussion between the National Solid Waste Management Authority’s regional operations manager and myself to convene a meeting with all restaurant operators because they are the ones that seem to be more culpable than other areas,” said Davis